Group Coaching Prophetic Workshops

Be Realigned equips Christians to hear the voice of God for themselves, understanding how he speaks and how to respond. Helping believers function in the prophetic with love.

This might be something you and others want to grow in. We have developed a short programme that can help you become confident in the prophetic and we coach the group in this.

Speaking Engagements

Be Realigned is available to speak at your Christian event. We bring the love and joy of the Lord in a gentle, confident, articulate way. We release what God is saying, releasing the prophetic in a healthy way and linking it to other subjects.

We enable people to grow in their biblical understanding of God and at the same time, grow in experiencing his heart of love.


Workshops and speaking are services available in multiple languages, namely, English, Italian and French.

Our Message

Be Realigned wants to see the body of Christ take hold of its true identity and step into the fullness of maturity. This entails understanding and experiencing God as a loving Father, Jesus as Lord and friend, the Holy Spirit as comforter, healer, teacher… Experiencing the fullness of God’s love, to in turn, be able to love others unconditionally.

Receiving full revelation of your identity, the love and grace of God, the New covenant and the prophetic will help you thrive in life. We know this is the time for believers in European nations to understand, embrace and accept the love of God and shape society and the future.

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