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Employer Coaching

Sessions are designed to help you as an employer overcome your reservations through new awareness. With the right tools  you can facilitate inclusion. With coaching you and your team can become fully a comfortable employer when it comes to employees with sight loss, as you will have overcome your doubts.                                         

Would it be rewarding for you to know you are enabling social inclusion? As you would enable fully sighted and people with low vision to be part of the same workforce.

Shining Light on Blindness

This book explains aspects of what it is like to live with limited vision. Common misunderstandings are tackled and solutions are proposed as to what is needed and how to move forward. It can be used as a basis for discussion during coaching sessions.  

Employer coaching and general advice sessions are services available in multiple languages, namely, English, Italian and French.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes people who have a severe sight problem or those who are totally blind can read and write. They will have completed their education to various levels depending on the individual’s choice. They will use special or adapted equipment to help them read or write depending on individual need. .

People with a sight problem will be able to cook, chop, wash dishes, cleans their home, take care of their shopping. They might do one thing at a time or have a unique system for remembering where they have cleaned. They will be able to pick out items in a supermarket or clothes shop. The degree of independence could vary.

People with a severe sight problem including those who are fully blind can travel alone. They will need to learn (memorise a route), remembering specific landmarks. At times, when traveling alone some assistance might be required. It depends on the mode of transport and the frequency of the journey.

Why Become Part of the Change?

Together we can start the wave. This project aims to remove barriers people with sight loss or low vision face trying to secure long-term employment. Its goal is to coach employers and human resource teams so they feel confident employing someone with a severe sight problem.

People living with limited sight to find their place of worth in society, as job satisfaction and a career are a very important part of daily life. This is another facet of inclusion and we know the tide is turning and positive change is developing.

Eye to Eye Aware

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