Types of Coaching

Prophetic, Spiritual, Skills and Purpose

Realigned Package

Realigned is a coaching package of 7/8 sessions that helps you gain a new perspective and balance regarding your skills, spirituality and purpose. No matter your circumstances or goals, you will receive the tools to help you thrive.

This package allows you to take the time to focus on yourself and your well-being.

Breakthrough Coaching

Sometimes you don’t have a couple months to wait to find a solution. With this coaching session we use rapid intervention methods to help you achieve breakthrough.

The benefits are within your reach and you can move forward after this session.

Coaching Sessions

People are individuals and they should not be put in boxes. Would you like something that is more tailored to your individual needs? We can provide bespoke sessions so you can have coaching conversations for as long as you desire.

Get connected with Be Realigned and we can start working together.

All our coaching services are available in multiple languages, namely, English, Italian and French.

Why Choose Be Realigned for your coaching?

At Be Realigned we know you have the resources you need to move forward. We are here to help you on your journey of discovery, as you walk into your new perspective and achieve your goal and potential. We are here to champion you, as you become realigned to who you truly are.

Whether you want to grow in new skills, find balance in life, we are ready to explore new dynamics with you. We offer an introductory phone call to discuss things further.

Are you motivated?

Acheieve your goal

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