Overcoming Barriers

Be Realigned brings together people, business and ministry, offering professional services to many types of organisations. We provide coaching, workshops, awareness and language services. Our goal is for you to live life well, overcoming barriers. We can also speak at your event and we have published books. 

Our coaching sessions and packages provide you with the tools you need to move forward. You already have everything you need within you, it’s just a case of gaining new understanding. We are here to assist you with your journey.

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Our workshops provide you with the skills and knowledge you need. We also offer more specific advice and motivational speaking.

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Our language services aim to help you overcome language barriers. Automated translation through apps and technology is helpful, but it does not prove useful in every situation. We provide services that are there to help you when human translation or interpreting is a better fit for the occasion.

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Our Eye2Eye Aware initiative shines a light on the issue of isolation for people with sight loss and severe sight problems. We encourage inclusion in the workforce by coaching employers.

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Be Realigned is available to speak at your Christian event.

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Be Realigned believes it is important to get the message out there. A great way of doing this is through books. The ones listed below are currently available as an eBook on the Kindle app. (In Europe and English speaking countries).

What is the connection between covenants and prophets? How are the New Covenant, the kingdom, and union with Christ intrinsically linked? This book holds keys for you to grow in revelation, wisdom, understanding, and it opens pathways into experiencing God in the Spirit, by establishing solid foundations in Scripture. You will discover the unshakeable nature of the kingdom and your union in Christ. 

Learn the true depth of the New Covenant and how it fulfilled God’s promises. —  “Elena Goodearl’s work takes you on a profound journey through the intricacies of covenants and their deep ties to the heart of God.” — Ivan Roman. — “I thoroughly enjoyed this dive into the covenants and how they work hand-in-hand with the prophetic. — Rebekah Rycroft Kerwin. —  “This book is a must read for the Western church in this day and age!” —  Peter Parthoens.

Light and Love of New Covenant Sonship develops the theme of life in the New Covenant and its importance for believers today. This book gives the reader a firm foundation in the Old Testament and explains the notion of covenants. Its main focus is helping believers live in their God given identity, firmly establishing love, grace, peace and joy.

This book is ideal for those who want to piece the Old Testament together and for those who want to know more about life in the Spirit. It tackles the subjects of gracious love, the Spirit, warfare, authority and it introduces the prophetic. It will help you grow in your faith and in your relationship with God. 

It has probably never occurred to you that you rarely see blind or visually impaired people serving you in the goods and services industry or as your colleague at work. This is because securing employment is more complex for them. There is a real lack of awareness surrounding sight loss and low vision. Most people do not even know what visually impaired means.

In this book you will find the missing information you need as an employer, part of a Human Resources team, or simply someone who wants to know more, to be able to adequately understand this subject. This will enable you to become a channel of positive change in society.